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Pug Vacation

27 Apr

This week Black Dog Pet Services is providing an in-home vacation for Oz and Odie, two adorable pugs.

Some of the activities they have enjoyed are frolicking in the backyard, playing tug with stuffed toys, and eating treats.

Odie gets worried about being alone, and about thunder storms.  To help him feel better we’ve been taking extra time cuddling on the couch, and have stuffed the Kong toys his mom and dad left for when he has to be alone.

Oz loves watching TV so we’ve been watching plenty of Animal Planet!  His favorite show is Dogs 101.

Odie and Oz

Look how cute they are! They’re all harnessed up and ready for their walk around the block.

Let us care for your pet, and they can have as much fun as Oz and Odie are having!


What is an in-home pet vacation, anyway?

20 Apr

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At Black Dog Pet Services, we don’t just feed, water, and exercise your pets, we provide them with their own vacation so that you can enjoy yours.

For dogs, interactive games like fetch or tug, or just a relaxing walk will be included with each visit.  Dogs can get stressed when their owners leave town, and we will help alleviate some of that anxiety by providing extra tummy rubs and enrichment activities like puzzle toys.

Cats can be picky about who they hang out with, so we provide as much or as little interaction as your cat desires.  Be it stringy toys, special cat treats, or just extra TLC, each vacation is taylored to your cat’s wishes.

As for the humans, we take care of them, too.  Blog posts and personalized text or picture messages will be posted or delivered while you are away, and you will find a detailed itinerary of your pet’s vacation when you return.