Black Dog strives for quality over quantity therefore our cancellation polices are as                 follows

  • If your pet is signed up for daily walks please let us know if you need to cancel your walk by 8 am that morning. Walks cancelled after 8 am for that day may be billed in full.
  • 72 hours notice must be given for any and all pet sitting cancellations. Pet sitting assignments cancelled with less than 72 hours notice will be billed in full.
  • Pet sitting clients: The full amount of the invoice is due the first day of the pet sitting assignment. If payment is not received pet sits are subject to cancellation by BDPS and/or subject to late fees.
  • Monthly daily walk clients: Invoices will be sent out around the 23rd of the month. The balance is due before the last day of the month of services rendered. Any past due balance not paid by the 1st of the next month is subject to 1$ a day past due fee. Then 2$ a day for the second month and so on.
  • BDPS is happy to walk multi dog households with a $2 each additional dog fee and $5 each additional dog for overnights. This however only applies to dogs owned by the owner of the household where walks/pet sits are taking place. Additional dogs in the home and not owned by the owner of the house will be charged full price for visits on top of the fee charged to the owner of the home.

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