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Princess Leffe of LOHI

16 Jan

Black dog loves puppies! Do you have a new puppy that needs a few 20 minutes breaks through the day while your at work?

In July Black dog was honored to start puppy sitting miss Leffe. We quickly fell in love, who wouldn’t!


Starting at about 10 weeks old we visited her 3 times a day to get her on the right track for potty training. She was a quick learner with no problems in that department. We have now graduated to two 30 minute walks a day.

We are so happy to be watching her grow from a cute puppy into such a beautiful dog.

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On our walks Leffe loves to fetch sticks!

We always work on commands reinforcing good habits and using positive reinforcement. With Leffe we work on sitting at cross walks, let’s go, leave it, drop it and a few other commands. She is super smart and loves the brain stimulation.

Love you Leffe! ❤

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