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We make dogs happy! It’s what we do.

15 Oct


What is an in-home pet vacation, anyway?

2 Sep

Black Dog Pet Services

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At Black Dog Pet Services, we don’t just feed, water, and exercise your pets, we provide them with their own vacation so that you can enjoy yours.

For dogs, interactive games like fetch or tug, or just a relaxing walk will be included with each visit.  Dogs can get stressed when their owners leave town, and we will help alleviate some of that anxiety by providing extra tummy rubs and enrichment activities like puzzle toys.

Cats can be picky about who they hang out with, so we provide as much or as little interaction as your cat desires.  Be it stringy toys, special cat treats, or just extra TLC, each vacation is taylored to your cat’s wishes.

As for the humans, we take care of them, too.  Blog posts and personalized text or picture messages will be posted or delivered while you are away, and you will find a detailed itinerary of…

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The Original Black Dog

2 Jul

We’ve been moving slower than usual over here at Black Dog, and we have a pretty big reason.  On Sunday June 22nd we helped our sweet Yoda, the original Black Dog pass on at 14 years of age.  He spent his last weeks eating cheeseburgers and ice cream cones, and when he told us it was time our wonderful dog doctor helped ease him from the physical earth.

iphone june '13 077

To say that this loss has hit hard would be a serious understatement.  There really are no words to describe the tremendous hole that is left in our lives.  Everyone who knew The Black Bear will agree–he was something special.

To live in this world

you must be able
to do three things:
to love what is mortal;
to hold it

against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it go,
to let it go.
~Mary Oliver

Princess Leffe of LOHI

16 Jan

Black dog loves puppies! Do you have a new puppy that needs a few 20 minutes breaks through the day while your at work?

In July Black dog was honored to start puppy sitting miss Leffe. We quickly fell in love, who wouldn’t!


Starting at about 10 weeks old we visited her 3 times a day to get her on the right track for potty training. She was a quick learner with no problems in that department. We have now graduated to two 30 minute walks a day.

We are so happy to be watching her grow from a cute puppy into such a beautiful dog.

047 046

On our walks Leffe loves to fetch sticks!

We always work on commands reinforcing good habits and using positive reinforcement. With Leffe we work on sitting at cross walks, let’s go, leave it, drop it and a few other commands. She is super smart and loves the brain stimulation.

Love you Leffe! ❤

Need help with your puppy? Email today!

Parker house adventure

11 Nov

Did you know that Black dog will have a sleep over with your pets while your away?

At the beginning of the summer Black dog was very fortunate to spend some overnight visits at the house of Duke, Talula, Charlie, Polly, Cleo, Stuey and Leo. This may seem like a lot of pets but they are the luckiest pets around!

Spending time with this pack was an adventure that we enjoyed very much. Every evening was spent playing lots of fetch off the back deck. These dogs are super fortunate to have a big backyard that they enjoy very much. It even includes a pond for cooling off, something that Charlie takes full advantage of.


Once it got dark each night everyone settled down for dinner, which you may think would be difficult, but always went smoothly. Then each night ended with tons of snuggles and loves.


Charlie is the ring leader of the game of fetch. He did all the fetching while everyone else added their input. That look says it all.


Polly is always very interested in the yard and the squirrels that may be about. She keeps her eye on everyone but followed her own agenda.


Tahlula was shy at first but toward the end of our stay became a shadow always by my side and snuggling me at night.


Duke always the entertainer and a very good snuggler.

Duke recently lost his battle with cancer and has gone to the rainbow bridge but we continue to love him and think about him often. Such an awesome soul to have had the fortune of spending our time. Thank you Duke!


Leo always the first to greet me. What a handsome cat! He was always on my lap.

iphone june '13 257

Stuey in his tuxedo!

Cleo is a little camera shy but very sweet and beautiful.

Hewey the cutie!

5 Sep

Meet Hewey! This little cutie has been a Black dog for a little while now. Hewey walks with us in the evenings because of his moms work schedule. Making it a perfect sunset walk over the summer. He loves to take us down by the creek at his house. Where he always has lots of sniffing to do. Some times even a short car ride to the park is in order for this fun guy.


Hewey checking out whats going on at the creek.

Super Winston!

25 Jun

Black dog would like you to  meet Winston. Young Winston has overcome many obstacles already in his short life. He was very lucky and he finally found his forever home. His people have helped him through some training obstacles as well as some scary health problems. Black Dog is so proud of Winston and his dedicated people. Together they have worked very hard to turn this guy into a super dog.


iphone june '13 223

Look at that smile. What a happy boy.

Winston is proud to be a Black Dog and we are proud to have him!

Make your dog a Black Dog today!

Luna the bernese baby and her little buddy Max

5 Jun

Recently Black dog got to spend some time with this adorable pair while their parents were on their honeymoon!


Luna the 5 month old Bernese and her brother Max are quite the pair. Max is always on a mission of exploring the neighborhood. Luna well she is always eager to greet everyone walking down the street and we worked with her on learning to walk on a loose leash.

Black dog is great with puppies! We always reinforce the lessons their parents are working so hard to teach them. We know puppies can be difficult and time consuming so let us help.  A daily walk while you’re at work can cut down on the energy your pup will have when you get home.

Make your dog a happy dog and contact Black dog today!

Hunter! The pup of Coors field

22 May

Did you know Black dog provides daily walks as well as pet sitting? Hunter does! Hunter has been enjoying 2 walks a day for a few months now. Hunters dad works long hours and relies on Black dog to get Hunter some much needed exercise as well as feeding him dinner.

Hunter is a very happy guy always greeting us with wiggles and play bows.  Hunter enjoys spending his time sniffing around in the grass at the baseball field by his home. After his morning walk he always likes a special homemade treat in his kong made by black dog.



Do you want your dog to be as happy as Hunter is while you are at work?

Sign them up for daily walks with Black dog today! Available as many days a week as you would like.

Black dog loves kitties too!

7 Mar

This week Black dog got to visit Toby and Janie two adorable kitties. These two very loved  kitties let black dog know exactly what kinds of thing they wanted to enjoy on their in-home pet vacation.

Toby likes a  lot of snuggles and  hugs. We walked around the apartment while he hugged me and purred in my ear getting lots and lots of scratches. Janie’s favorite thing to do was lay around the house and hide in one of the many cabinets with cat beds in them.

Two very friendly cats got lots of extra love over the weekend thanks to black dog.

iphone march'13 064

Toby is a snuggle bug and really enjoyed hugs what a handsome guy!

iphone march'13 065

Janie loved some mellow petting and lounging around in cabinets on her cat beds.

Make your cats and dogs as happy as Toby and Janie book there in home pet vacation today with Black dog.