About Us

Black Dog Pet Services doesn’t just provide pet sitting  we provide an in-home vacation for your pets.  Rest-assured that your dogs, cats, and other critters will be well-loved and provided with unique enrichment experiences that only Black Dog offers.  Going out of town can be stressful, let us take the stress out of your pets’ arrangements.

Megan Stremming is the animal lover behind BDPS.  After obtaining a degree in applied sciences of interior design, Megan realized she was better suited to a life with animals and went to work for Colorado’s largest animal shelter, Denver Dumb Friends League. With over two years of shelter work she left Dumb Friends and started applying her extensive animal handling experience to pet sitting and dog walking for companies around Denver and Fort Collins, which she did for two years before starting Black Dog Pet Services.  Since 2011 she has been successfully running BDPS.  Then in 2015 her husband Quinn who shares the same passion for pets started running BDPS full time along side her. Quinn has a back ground in restaurant management and still enjoys bar tending.

Megan and her husband of 9 years happily share their home with their Furry Family including:

Yoda a black lab mix, and the inspiration behind Black Dog Pet Services.  His favorite activities include ball chasing , napping and hiking. (We had to say good bye to Yoda in 2014 but he is still very much in our hearts everyday.)

Clementine the rescued Saint Bernard, who has given them extensive experience handling large breed dogs.

Black dog doesn’t just care for dogs, they are cat lovers as well.  They personally share our home with a Himalayan named Bumblelion.

Our latest addition as of April 2017. We are learning and loving this guy as he grows into the best dog he can be. His name is Kenobi and he’s loving being the dog walkers dog. He frequently enjoys walking his friends



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