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Super Winston!

25 Jun

Black dog would like you to  meet Winston. Young Winston has overcome many obstacles already in his short life. He was very lucky and he finally found his forever home. His people have helped him through some training obstacles as well as some scary health problems. Black Dog is so proud of Winston and his dedicated people. Together they have worked very hard to turn this guy into a super dog.


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Look at that smile. What a happy boy.

Winston is proud to be a Black Dog and we are proud to have him!

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Luna the bernese baby and her little buddy Max

5 Jun

Recently Black dog got to spend some time with this adorable pair while their parents were on their honeymoon!


Luna the 5 month old Bernese and her brother Max are quite the pair. Max is always on a mission of exploring the neighborhood. Luna well she is always eager to greet everyone walking down the street and we worked with her on learning to walk on a loose leash.

Black dog is great with puppies! We always reinforce the lessons their parents are working so hard to teach them. We know puppies can be difficult and time consuming so let us help.  A daily walk while you’re at work can cut down on the energy your pup will have when you get home.

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