Hunter! The pup of Coors field

22 May

Did you know Black dog provides daily walks as well as pet sitting? Hunter does! Hunter has been enjoying 2 walks a day for a few months now. Hunters dad works long hours and relies on Black dog to get Hunter some much needed exercise as well as feeding him dinner.

Hunter is a very happy guy always greeting us with wiggles and play bows.  Hunter enjoys spending his time sniffing around in the grass at the baseball field by his home. After his morning walk he always likes a special homemade treat in his kong made by black dog.



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Black dog loves kitties too!

7 Mar

This week Black dog got to visit Toby and Janie two adorable kitties. These two very loved  kitties let black dog know exactly what kinds of thing they wanted to enjoy on their in-home pet vacation.

Toby likes a  lot of snuggles and  hugs. We walked around the apartment while he hugged me and purred in my ear getting lots and lots of scratches. Janie’s favorite thing to do was lay around the house and hide in one of the many cabinets with cat beds in them.

Two very friendly cats got lots of extra love over the weekend thanks to black dog.

iphone march'13 064

Toby is a snuggle bug and really enjoyed hugs what a handsome guy!

iphone march'13 065

Janie loved some mellow petting and lounging around in cabinets on her cat beds.

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Quirky Corgi

11 Feb

Recently Black dog took care of a Quirky guy named Welly! Welly’s mom and 2 little girls set out to  soak up some sun in Arizona for a few days.  So they trusted their little guys care to Black dog so he could enjoy his own vacation. Welly’s mom wasn’t sure how much he would enjoy walks with us. So we took it slow and enjoyed some early morning strolls in order to avoid anything that would over stimulate this little herding dog. Welly spent his afternoons in the yard and enjoyed lots and lots of snuggles in the evening.

iphone 21 281

Look at that cutie! Are we off on our walk yet?

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Bluegrass and his girl Greta

27 Nov

Recently Black dog has been visiting the adorable Bluegrass and his girl Greta.

Blue is getting up their in years and it had come to his parents attention that he needs to go outside more often, so Black dog was their to help.



Blue really enjoys his outside time. He always has a huge smile, while he follows his favorite girl Greta around the block.

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Chaco and his friend Luckie

31 Jul

Recently Black Dog got to provide an in-home vacation for Chaco, Luckie and their kitty. These dogs don’t get left alone often but it was time for their loving parents to celebrate an anniversary. So they trusted Black dog to care for their babies.

Chaco and Luckie had a great vacation while they were away.  We spent the mornings strolling the neighborhood. First a short walk with the older guy Luckie then a bit more exercise for Chaco to get some of his energy out. The evenings were spent romping and playing around the backyard. Chaco’s mom was worried about him being alone so black dog gave him plenty of stuffed frozen kongs to keep him entertained.

The handsome Chaco is a little camera-shy but he allowed one picture while he was showing me his backyard.

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Aussie Ranch Vacation

24 May

This week Black Dog Pet Services got to spend some time in the mountains with 6 very lucky dogs. Breeze, Relay, Rookie, Deuce, Jax and little Kit.

These dogs are living the life in their mountain home. They spent the week showing me around, helping me with the chickens and chasing deer. After dark they spent their time snuggling, wrestling (sometimes in the bed), and enjoying treats.

The last night of their vacation was a bit stormy.  Kit, Relay and Jax were a little nervous about the thunder so they wore their thunder jackets and snuggled in bed with me which made them feel better.

When mom gets home its back to agility training for most of these guys so we made sure to get lots of rest.

Even when the weather got rainy these dogs enjoyed their vacation with Black Dog!

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Pug Vacation

27 Apr

This week Black Dog Pet Services is providing an in-home vacation for Oz and Odie, two adorable pugs.

Some of the activities they have enjoyed are frolicking in the backyard, playing tug with stuffed toys, and eating treats.

Odie gets worried about being alone, and about thunder storms.  To help him feel better we’ve been taking extra time cuddling on the couch, and have stuffed the Kong toys his mom and dad left for when he has to be alone.

Oz loves watching TV so we’ve been watching plenty of Animal Planet!  His favorite show is Dogs 101.

Odie and Oz

Look how cute they are! They’re all harnessed up and ready for their walk around the block.

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