Black dog loves kitties too!

7 Mar

This week Black dog got to visit Toby and Janie two adorable kitties. These two very loved  kitties let black dog know exactly what kinds of thing they wanted to enjoy on their in-home pet vacation.

Toby likes a  lot of snuggles and  hugs. We walked around the apartment while he hugged me and purred in my ear getting lots and lots of scratches. Janie’s favorite thing to do was lay around the house and hide in one of the many cabinets with cat beds in them.

Two very friendly cats got lots of extra love over the weekend thanks to black dog.

iphone march'13 064

Toby is a snuggle bug and really enjoyed hugs what a handsome guy!

iphone march'13 065

Janie loved some mellow petting and lounging around in cabinets on her cat beds.

Make your cats and dogs as happy as Toby and Janie book there in home pet vacation today with Black dog.


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