Parker house adventure

11 Nov

Did you know that Black dog will have a sleep over with your pets while your away?

At the beginning of the summer Black dog was very fortunate to spend some overnight visits at the house of Duke, Talula, Charlie, Polly, Cleo, Stuey and Leo. This may seem like a lot of pets but they are the luckiest pets around!

Spending time with this pack was an adventure that we enjoyed very much. Every evening was spent playing lots of fetch off the back deck. These dogs are super fortunate to have a big backyard that they enjoy very much. It even includes a pond for cooling off, something that Charlie takes full advantage of.


Once it got dark each night everyone settled down for dinner, which you may think would be difficult, but always went smoothly. Then each night ended with tons of snuggles and loves.


Charlie is the ring leader of the game of fetch. He did all the fetching while everyone else added their input. That look says it all.


Polly is always very interested in the yard and the squirrels that may be about. She keeps her eye on everyone but followed her own agenda.


Tahlula was shy at first but toward the end of our stay became a shadow always by my side and snuggling me at night.


Duke always the entertainer and a very good snuggler.

Duke recently lost his battle with cancer and has gone to the rainbow bridge but we continue to love him and think about him often. Such an awesome soul to have had the fortune of spending our time. Thank you Duke!


Leo always the first to greet me. What a handsome cat! He was always on my lap.

iphone june '13 257

Stuey in his tuxedo!

Cleo is a little camera shy but very sweet and beautiful.


One Response to “Parker house adventure”

  1. Katie November 12, 2013 at 12:56 am #

    Thanks for taking such good care of our family, Megan!! We can’t wait for our next vacation and our furries are excited to have you back.

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